Thursday, June 30, 2011

A memorable anniversary!!!

On Sunday we celebrated my parents 40th wedding anniversary. I can't say it was exactly a romantic and relaxing day for them BUT it was memorable!!!

We spent the afternoon at Joilet Speedway watching my dad and Uncle Jim race Nascar cars.

Me and my big boy
Daddy and our baby boy

Enjoying a beautiful day

Is it just my imagination or do they look THRILLED to be taking this picture?!?!?

Aunt Shari & Uncle Jim before the big race

Papa and his kiddos

Daddy's girls

It's almost time...

Always great to spend time with Coco

One last pic

Watching as Papa gets ready to go


ZOOM! Uncle Jim is in car in the front, and my dad in the back. They were doing just over 140 MPH here

They did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time for more snacks

"Who loves Auntie Stacey?"


After dinner we surprised my parents and took them out to eat.

Happy 40th anniversary to the most amazing parents in the world!!! Love you both so much!

Can you believe.....

I let my clean child play in the rain. He was all ready for bed and it started raining pretty good. I figured WHAT THE HECK, go for it kiddo!

Needless to say he had a BLAST!

He was actually swimming in puddles on the driveway.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day Fishing

Q was SOOOO excited to give Daddy his Batman hat for Father's Day. Ironically enough Q got the same Batman hat from the Willis family for his birthday.

We spent the morning with the Jurczyk family at the beach fishing.

Happy Father's Day to Randy & Adam!!!
The kiddos were so good!

Ready to fish

Enjoying their morning

Even Zachy attempted some fishing

Thanks Uncle Adam for helping Q

TT was doing such a great job keeping all the little tummies full

These two are SOOOO stinkin cute together!!!

Although we didn't catch any fish we had a great morning enjoying good friends and family

1st Soccer Practice

Ok so I am a tad bit behind on my blogging:-) A few weeks ago Q started Mighty Kickers soccer. He is on the Green Machine team.

I have pretty much given up on getting a pic of Q, we just go right to the "silly face" pictures.

I am pretty sure Q decided it was time to run the cones.
Stop the ball

Game On

Having fun and getting out tons of energy!

Just a random pic:-)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


As I mentioned in my previous post, my parents decided to have Spiderman painted on Q's wall for his birthday present. Initially, it was going to be a Cubs jersey with Q Witt on the back. Q has a Cubs room. We went on to the painters website to look at her jersey samples. When Quintin saw Spiderman on her site he went NUTS! I kept explaining to him that he didn't have a Spiderman room. My INSANELY creative mother came up with the idea of having Spidey wear a Cubs jersey so it would stick with the theme of the room. When we decided on the Spidey that would work best, we talked about the web. Thank you to Great Papa & Grandma Betty for making up the additional cost for the web. It really does make the painting!

Q LOVES his Spidey... can you blame him? :-) Here is a picture that will give you an idea just how big he is. If you could hear the adorable conversations he has with his new buddy it would melt your heart!

You may remember pictures I posted a few months back of my parents playroom. Q's spiderman was painted by the same artist. Her name is Leslie Michaels and she is AMAZING! Check out her site!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quintin Turns FOUR!!!!

Look who is FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q was in his new Spiderman PJ's and wearing his crown bright and early Monday morning. He had one more gift to open....
A fishing pole!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We planned to spend the afternoon at a new beach by our house. Q has been talking about fishing with Randy for quite some time.

Gone Fishing (my favorite pic of the day!!!)

Silly boys

Q said he caught a few alligators

I had lots of fun playing with my camera so prepare yourself for LOTS of pics!

Can you even stand that little face????

"I think I caught something!!!"

Zachy really wanted to give it a go, but he just isn't ready yet!

Zachy LOVES the water as much as the sand.

He did get a little chilly after he took a spill in the water.

The boys building a sand castle

We ended our day at the beach with a picnic.

We had to hurry home because Quintin's final gift was about to arrive. He was lucky enough to have a VERY talented artist paint a personalized Spiderman in his room. I will post pics tomorrow.