Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Santa's Village

More fun summer days.... SANTA'S VILLAGE!!!

We went with a few other families. It was perfect! All the rides were just the right size for our toddlers.

No Hands

Even Zachy hit a few rides

All the kiddos with Santa on a HOT July day

Playing games and winning lots of prizes

Even the dads were getting competitive... of course our daddy won:-)

Summer fun

The past few days have been super fun! We have been soaking up every second of summer & loving it!

We took the boys to the Lake Zurich Alpine Fest carnival & parade. Here are a few pics...

Then we had Kaitlyn & Colin over to play so Auntie Stacey & Uncle Cam could enjoy some time adult time....

The kids were so excited to dress up in their capes that Grandma & Papa got them from California. I questioned if getting the kids swords & hammers from the carnival was my smartest move:-)

It has been so steamy lately that we have kept the hot tub closer to pool temperature. The kids were swimming like fish

Even Daddy went in

Perfecting the "silly face" pictures

This is just moments before the water fight started

TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Zachary has been quite the pistol lately! I decided the other day to give the Time Out chair a try. I couldn't believe my baby was sitting in the chair. This was definitely a photo opportunity. When I grabbed my camera he transformed from confused about where he was to a huge smile all while saying "CHEEEEEESE." Clearly he isn't ready for Time Outs YET, but I have a feeling this little guy is going to be spending LOTS of time there:-)

Q's last soccer

In the midst of the horrible heat last week, Q had his last soccer game of the summer. He was definitely struggling in the heat but did great! I think soccer may just be his thing.

Check out those red cheeks.... and the proud smile! He was so excited to add another medal to his collection!
Thanks to my parents for battling the heat and coming out to see Quintin play.

Way to go Quintin! We are SOOOO proud of you!

Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July Parade

I realize the 4th was 3 weeks ago, but here are a few pics from the 4th of July parade. Kaley & Ben have the cutest parade that runs right in front of their house. They hosted their 2nd annual parade party. Here is my attempt at a group pic of the kids. Check out TT posing:-)

Such silly kiddos

After the parade we walked down to the park for pony rides

Q was trying to let his painting be a surprise ....

BUT the suspense was more then he could handle:-)

Thanks for another great 4th!!!

Fun at the Bertini's

Over 4th of July weekend we spent the day swimming at the Bertini's house. What a day it was!!!

Q was LOVING the slide!

He was also a jumping machine!

Awww... the good life!

This is the beginning of Uncle Jim VS Quintin

Q was asking for it....

He was filling water balloons and then spraying them at Uncle Jim... check out this perfect shot!

Uncle Jim being a bully... pick on someone your own size! :-)

Thanks Bertini's for letting us spend the day enjoying your beautiful pool!
Here is my attempt at a 4th of July photo shoot:-)