Monday, April 27, 2009

Fergie Fan!

It appears that Q has moved on from Single Ladies by Beyonce to Fergie, you be the judge!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our week with Coco

"Look at my Thomas costume Coco"

Taking music with TT the past few months has been so much fun... I can't wait to start again in the fall!
Coco was dancing with me during music class.
Auntie Nessa danced with me too!
Ms. Sherry is the best music teacher EVER!!!!
I will miss all my friends in music class.
After 5 SUPER fun days, it was time for Coco to go home. I miss her already!

Today when Mama went to work, Dada took me to the store to buy an Elmo kite.... look at how good I am at this:-)
This is so fun!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I love nice weather. Mama was so happy to get the T-ball OUT of the house. She keeps trying to explain that it is an outside toy. Batter up!
Home run!
Game over... time to "wing"
For some reason I thought it was so fun to have Uncle Bocci & Uncle Jimmy pull the punch balloon back and let go:-) Thanks for playing with me!!
Ready, set, go!
Auntie Jo Jo gave me finger paints for Easter. My OT Mary suggested we paint the tubby and then just hose me down right in the tubby.
Are they really letting me do this?
This is SOOO fun!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kindermusik with Dada

What a treat, Dada came to music class. Auntie Nessa had a busy morning so Mama took TT to music class with us. We has so much fun yelling hello to each other the ENTIRE way there:-)
Trinity loves to share her toys with me. We are going to be best buddies for a long time!
Playing Peek-a-Boo with Ms. Sherry. She is the best music teacher EVER!
My favorite part of music class is when we dance.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Easter bunny came... YIPEE!!!! T-ball........COOL!!!!
Lots of other goodies in my basket too!

Dada was teaching me how to bat... although he kept trying to make me swing lefty.
Auntie Jo Jo hosted Easter brunch at her house. It was so much fun! After brunch we sang Happy Birthday to Great Grandma Jo. Her birthday is on Thursday. I love to sing "Birthday to you."

Happy Birthday, hope you like your necklace.

After brunch we had a HUGE egg hunt.

Dada helped me find all my eggs.

Auntie Jo Jo pushed me on the swing:-)

Are you surprised that I found a ball?

Cool..... check out the guitar I got from Auntie Stac, Uncle Cam, Kaitlyn & Colin... THANKS!
Hurry Dada.... I want to play
Let the chaos begin....
Another visit from the Easter bunny:-)

Grandma & Papa put this awesome Thomas costume in my Easter basket:-)

Colin got Spiderman.,..
And Kaitlyn got Hello Kitty.
Thanks Uncle Bill for putting together a GREAT egg hunt. He made us find one egg at a time. Each egg told us where to find our next one. I had so much fun, but I did need some help reading the clues.
Pretty sure when Dada takes the pony tail out that is our cue to go home. Grandma and Dada were being so silly and dancing!
Mama thinks that if she puts me in my pajamas I will get sleepy... WRONG! Thanks to my cousin Coco (Nicole) for a fun piggy back ride.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday 4-11

Auntie Stac hosted an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. I had SOOO much fun. The Easter bunny even made an appearance:-)
Mama says we are her two FAVORITE boys!

Hi bunny!!!

Even Dada was happy to see the bunny.


Mama was helping me fill my Easter basket.

Taking a break.

I love my Papa!!

Dada was being so silly! He was rolling down the hill with me and I was loving every second of it!
Again, again!

Auntie Stacey even had lots of fun crafts set up.

Thanks SOOOO much Auntie Stacey, we had a great time!!!