Wednesday, July 28, 2010


OMG... can you believe it.... all 4 kiddos in one place?!?!?!? Q and Trinity act more like siblings then best friends:-) We are confident that Zachary and Faith are going to be just the same!

Q and T had so much fun playing in the hot tub!
Quintin was thinking, "Damn she's cute!!!!"
True Love Always

Monday, July 26, 2010

Been awhile.....

I have been slacking a little bit on the blog so this is going to be a long and random post.

First of all, a quick Quintin update.... Q has decided that he doesn't need to nap everyday anymore...YIKES! I told him if he wasn't going to nap that he needed to rest on the couch... within 10 minutes he was out cold and slept an hour and a half. For most kids this isn't that strange, BUT Quintin is NOT the type of kid, nor has he ever been the type of kid, that would fall asleep like this.

That afternoon we went with our neighbors to the LZ carnival. Q had such a great time!!!

This was not the smartest prize to let him pick out:-)

Dizzy Dizzy!

Skee Ball mania

Daddy and his boys

After the carnival, Randy took us on a tour of the PD.

On Saturday we celebrated my mother-in-law's 60th birthday with a great surprise party!

Zachary was pretty tired, he even took a 20 minute cat nap. He did great, and we were VERY proud of him!
Whew.... it is a hot one
On your mark..... get set....go
Make a wish
Grandpa & Zachary
Love this pic!
Zachary's first trip to Great Clips
I think this girl was a little freaked by what to do with all this hair
Of course Q got a hair cut too. Mike is the only one that cuts his hair:-)
Just a few random pics.... Still smiling even though he got TWO teeth this week!

We were all so excited to have Kylie come visit us. Her mommy is one of my dearest friends. Kylie and Zachary were born in the same hospital 24 hours apart. Who would have know back in our college roomie days?!?!?!?

Brotherly love!
Super hero madness
Mommies Boys

Friday, July 16, 2010

A ROUGH week!!!

Zachary has really tested my patience this week! He is fighting sleep, fussing often, and just acting pretty unhappy colicky:-(
We have tried to keep busy but it is hard to get out when Zachary is so exhausted. Q handles it well, better then me actually!
Here are a few pics from Q's t-ball games. Last week he had a few visitor, and it turned out to be his best game yet!

Batter up

Grandma was trying to keep Zachary out of the sun. Kaitlyn and Q tried to sneak in a little shade as well. Hot hot hot day!!!!!!!!!!!

Q was loving the attention and support! Thanks for coming!!!!!
Tuesday was yet another tough day. Zachary again fought sleep! It was a long day, so when we got an invite to join our neighbors at our local beach we were thrilled to get a break from the house. Q's favorite saying is "this way to the beach ladies" while he shows his muscles. Imagine his excitement when he actually got to go to the beach:-)
Sammy is so amazing, and is the best mommy's helper in the world!!!!
Nice smile Q :-/
She even plays in the sand!

And finally.... a few pics from Q's last game today. Zachary is his #1 fan:-)

Daddy is always there to help Q!
Good game
Imagine how excited Q was when he received his first medal ever?!?!?!?!?

We are a Cubbies family