Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life with 2 boys....

Oh how life has changed! Zachary has had his ups and downs. We have made some changes in his feeding and are hopeful this will help improve some of his gas/poop issues. His biggest downfall is that he doesn't want to be put down. How can you complain about that:-) UNLESS it is 2:00 in the morning and you want him to sleep in his bassinet so you can sleep too! Our bedroom looks like Babies R Us threw up. We have a glider, bassinet, swing...... all in hopes to get some sleep. On Monday we took him for his first check up. Dr. Collins was beyond pleased with his weight gain! We go back again on Thursday. Zachary lost his umbilical cord pretty early so he already had his first bath. I will try to get some pictures posted this week. At the moment I am just trying to keep my head above water! Quintin has a huge scrapbook documenting every moment, poor Zachary is going to have a piece of scratch paper with a few dates on it:-) More to come.....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Some more pics!

Good morning to all. It is Friday morning and I am getting ready to pack up Zachary and head home. Randy and Q should be here soon. I am recovering more and more each day. Obviously the rough delivery has left EVERY muscle in my body pretty sore.
Zachary is doing wonderful. He is such an angel. He is nursing well, and sleeping so peacefully! Randy and I are so hopeful that he is going to be our "easy" kiddo:-) Here are some more pics from the past 36 hours. Thanks for checking in on us. We are excited for you to meet our newest addition. Hopefully things will go smoothly at home and we can open the door for visitors soon.
Lotsa love!

Q was so excited to give Zachary the special gift he picked out.
The 3 kiddos waiting, waiting, waiting for Randy to come out with some news.
SOOOOO happy it was over and I could finally get some food!
He's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My nurse was AMAZING! It really makes all the difference in the world!

Dr. Collins came to check on Zachary and is pleased with how he looks. We see her again on Monday.

Zachary with his Godfather

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More pictures to follow

I am exhausted, but wanted to get a few pics posted... enjoy:-)

Zachary Peter Witt Arrives...FINALLY!!!!

He is here!!!! It was a very rough delivery. Zachary was born at 3:20 weighing 8lbs 7oz. When Q was born I had a window on my left side where the epidural didn't work. Would you believe I had a window on the right side this time. I am so glad it is over, and equally glad that I didn't realize how big he was! He is in the nursery now getting cleaned up. I can hear him screaming. Quintin is beside himself. I am waiting for a sandwich to be delivered and enjoying a second of quiet time. The family is downstairs having dinner. I will post pictures later.


8 cm! Gonna start pushing soon!

Feb 17th, 11:30 AM

Alright, the epidural is in. I am very discouraged right now. As some of you may remember, I had a window on the left side with Q where my epidural didn't work. It seems that I have it on my right side this time. I am trying to stay positive. I am at 5 cm, and 90%. The nurse is predicting before 2:00. While I am feeling alright, I am going to try and get some rest.

Feb 17th, 8:30 AM

Good morning! Today is the big day. Randy and I arrived at the hospital in true Kelly fashion..... 15 minutes late:-) They started my IV almost immediately. That was a rough experience! They couldn't get it in, but eventually got it and I am glad it is over. Then the doctor came and checked my progress. I am starting at 3 cm & 75%. They broke my water and started pitocin. The contractions are starting slowly but surely. The nurse said she is going to predict by 2:00! I will do my best to update as often as possible.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last Swimming Class & Mama's birthday

Today was my last day of swimming class. I LOVED it soooo much! I look forward to signing up for another swimming class with TT in the spring!
Waiting for class to start....
After swimming, I got to help Mama blow out her candles. You can't really see, but my PJ's say Big Brother!!!!! I can't believe I am going to meet him tomorrow.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The past week.....

This is going to be a random post... and I am guess the last post before my brother arrives.
Today Mom & Dad took me to the "paint store" to make a platter for Mom for her birthday. I think they are trying to spend as much time with me as possible before life gets crazy.
Here I am practicing the poka dot method.

Daddy helped me make the platter perfect!

Here is Mom last week. This is her 38 week picture. She keeps talking about how uncomfortable she is, and how she is ready to get the show on the road.

I have been giving my parents a SERIOUS panic attack with sleep time. The other night Mom spent over an hour, and about 70 trips coming into my room to get me to sleep. Dad promised to take me sledding if I went right to sleep for my nap yesterday.... AND I DID!!! Nights are still not great, but mom & dad said I am making progress. I loved my special time with Dad!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Disney On Ice

On Saturday Mommy & Daddy FINALLY took me to Disney on Ice. They have been talking about it for 2 months. Mama was getting worried that the baby may arrive before the show. It was amazing! Here is a video of my first reaction when the show started. I know it is dark at the beginning but give it a second.

All I could talk about the entire show was Buzz Lightyear. Mommy and Daddy kept telling me to be patient. They must have know he was the final act. It was worth the wait!

Not a great family shot, but we did the best we could. I was more concerned about getting more cotton candy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh how life has changed!

Tonight Mama's college roomies came over for dinner. Ms. Meg & Ms. Rachel brought their kiddos as well. Hard to believe these wild girls used to party it up, and now they are talking about contractions and the best diapers. Mama's friend Katie (in the middle) is due the EXACT same day as her! Ms. Meg (on the right) is due in about 3 months. Three more babies will be joining our crazy monthly dinner dates soon! After our pizza dinner, I had some yummy cake with Tyler & Mya.

Tyler and I are 100% rough and tough boys. We were playing in the Thomas tent.....
Mya was trying to keep her distance. Can you guess why?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

37 Weeks & Taking a Shower

Today my baby brother is officially full term..... Mama is 37 weeks!!!!! I can't believe he is going to be here any time now!
Look how perfectly I fit on her belly:-)

Last week I discovered a new love for taking showers!!!! One condition, the shower head has to be at my level. I rotate because I still love my tubby time, but Mama said it is much easier on her belly to give me a shower. I sure am growing up fast!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Check out Papa's new BATMOBILE! They kept calling it something else, but I am pretty sure it is the batmobile! It is a special treat to have Papa in town on a Sunday night. Typically he is in route back to his work state of MN.
This car doesn't exactly accommodate a car seat, so this is the about as close to a ride as I am going to get for about 10 years. I guess I can say I drove it before my daddy:-)

After dinner we had our traditional make your own sundae.