Sunday, December 26, 2010

Young's Christmas

Every year we head to my parents house first thing in the morning to celebrate Christmas. This year due to lots of busy schedules we decided to do it the night before Christmas Eve. We decided it was still necessary for the kiddos to be in their matching PJ's:-) Thanks Great Papa & Grandma Betty for the adorable PJ's!!!!!
Zachy loves to push this toy all over my parents house!
Mom & all her boys!
Zachy & "Uncle"

My little princess! She promises to always be my girl:-)
And the stud muffin
Great Great Auntie Carmie
Zachary was filled with enthusiasm:-)
A few months ago I saw an ad for a Spiderman video that will edit your child's face into the video. I called my mom immediately and told her it would be a FANTASTIC Christmas gift. The video is hilarious!!!!!! Here is a pic of the video playing. She got Colin a Spiderman one too, and Kaitlyn got Care Bears:-) We all got a good laugh watching the videos. Q wants to watch his 100 times a day!

"Thanks Papa!!!"
"Thanks Grandma for all your HARD work making sure I had a special hand made stocking just like my cousins, brother & Mommy!"
My parents get us the Swarovski Crystal ornament every year to add to our crystal tree. The 2010 is beautiful!

Papa got Q a real LGB train for his first Christmas. In addition to helping the boy(s) set it up every year he also adds a piece to the collection for Christmas. Thanks for the special gift Papa!!!

Check out his new adorable Polo boots I got him. He can't exactly lift his feet in them b/c they are a little big and heavy but he is too cute in them!

Christmas Traditions

"Don't I make a cute Santa?"

Q was hard at work making cookies for Santa

This was HILARIOUS! Q kept telling us to pretend he was Santa, put out a cookie for him, and then pretend to sleep. Then he would hide for a minute. When he came out he would act so surprised that there was a cookie waiting by the fire place for him. It was pretty comical!

We started a new tradition with the Jurczyk family last year. We head to Portillos for dinner first and then off to the Vernon Hills light show. We have taken Q every year and LOVE this tradition we have started with him. Of course, this was Zachary's first year:-) We love that the Jurczky family is now a part of this wonderful tradition!

Once we get into the light show we let Q hop out of his seat so he can really see all the amazing lights.
Zachy hung out with me
My BRAVE mother decided to have the Q, Kaitlyn and Colin over to her house to do a Christmas craft. Thank goodness my dad was there to help! There was spray painting involved! I can only imagine what happened while Stac and I were gone:-) All I know is the end result was a beautiful noodle tree made especially for Randy and I!

Uncle Bill & Auntie Lauren's Plate

There is the most adorable shop in down town Crystal Lake where you can paint different clay pieces. We decided to take the 4 kiddos to make a platter for Uncle Bill & Auntie Lauren. This could have been very hectic, but it was surprisingly relaxing! The kids were very well behaved and did a wonderful job making their special gift!

Zachy doing his hand print (ok... this is staged.. we forgot to take a pic of him actually doing it:-)
But the rest of the pics are real:-)

The kids were so good we agreed to take them to McDonalds for lunch... now that was hectic!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FOP Christmas

On Sunday we attended the annual FOP Christmas party. It is so nice to see all our PD friends.
Q was super excited to get his face painted!
And of course he is getting Spiderman
Santa looks a little under the weather if you ask me:-)
Poor Zachary was so sick we decided it wasn't a good idea to bring him. We brought his gift home for him to open. It was his first Christmas gift EVER. Of course Q was happy to help him open it. It was a LONG night that evening. We ended up in the ER with Zachary b/c he was having a hard time breathing. When we got home that night we found my mom steaming the bathroom for Q because he went from healthy to scary sick in minutes. He was having a VERY hard time breathing and we were ready to head back to the ER for another visit.
We took both boys to the doctor on Monday morning. Here is Q getting his first ever breathing treatment. He was in pretty good spirits at this point. Things continued on a rapid downward spiral. After several days of trying to break his fever and watching him get worse we took him back to the doctor. He has pneumonia:-( Lets get this nasty bug out of the house before Santa comes!
Just enough energy to play for a few minutes
Random pic

Catching up..........

I have some catching up to do!!!
Last weekend we went to Auntie Jodi's school for the annual "Pancakes with Santa" event. Q was SUPER excited for his first Santa visit of the season!
This was Zachy's first Santa visit ever! He was ok at first...
Then he realized who was holding him... AND DONE!
He was much happier eating pancakes with Grandma

Later that night I had my girls Christmas party. Before we headed to dinner just the girls, we enjoyed a few cocktails with the hubbies and kiddos. It is always so nice to see everyone!!!
Classic Q & TT pic!
Zachary is such a pimp! He was loving his time with all his "aunties"

The boys enjoying some grub
I couldn't resist this pic:-)
Some how Uncle Ben got suckered into reading books to Q again! Thx Uncle Ben!!!
Hard to believe we have been posing for this Christmas pic for 17 years.
One last pic of Q and my friend Rachel's daughter, Mya, getting some good use out of the Batman costumes.