Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chatty Z

Here is a short video I took on my phone of Zachary talking up a storm... Enjoy:-)
On Thursday my friend Kelly came over with her absolutely ADORABLE little girl, Morgan. She is almost 1 years old! We were so excited to finally get the kiddos together! Q was showing Morgan all his books.
Zachary was wishing he could play too!

Morgan and Zachary preparing for their first kiss.... Here I come...
Things were pretty rough that night. Zachary didn't get any sleep, therefore either did we! Randy had a horribly early morning for work, making things that much harder. We put our exhaustion aside and prepared for Q's first game. It was so stinkin cute!
Big swing....
Big hit!

We had a HORRIBLE day on Saturday! Zachary refused to sleep and was just very unhappy. We tried everything to get him to sleep. We spent almost 2 hours in the car driving around and he wouldn't dare close his eyes. This lead to piercing screaming. We headed home and decided to start our bedtime routine at 5:15. In the middle of all this chaos, Randy got called into work. It took a long time, but Zachary finally fell asleep. Needless to say, after such a horrible day we were crossing our fingers for nice weather on Sunday. We woke up to horrible storms and a day predicting 100% chance of rain. For once, things worked in our favor! The afternoon turned out to be beautiful and we spent a the afternoon swimming at the Bertini's.
Zachary loves his God mommy!

Not the best family pic, but with 2 little ones you take what you get:-)
Q was loving the pool!!!!

I <3 these girls!

Action shot
Papa and Q swimming
Ahhh, a moment of relaxation!
Randy living the good life!!!!

Grandma enjoying the beautiful day
Q did so great and was even swimming in a vest all by himself

"You see Quintin, it takes a lot of work to be this buff"

Thanks Aunt Shari & Uncle Jim for letting us come spend the afternoon enjoying your beautiful yard. We needed that more then you can imagine!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Infant Massage

My OBGYN's office offered an infant massage class. My mom got me a certificate to take the class with Zachary. (THANKS MOM!) The 2 best things about the class were spending a little alone time with Zachary and spending time with my dear mommy friends Vanessa & Dawn!!!
Making memories!!!!
Would you believe Randy even went one week:-) He's the best daddy!!!! XOXO

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Q's 1st T-ball practice

Quintin started T-ball on Friday. It is so stinkin cute to watch the kiddos practice. Next Friday we have our first game:-) It is going to be interesting!!!!
Before they start practice they had a stretching session

Finally... stretching out those arms
Q's coach showing him the correct bat to use

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Z tries cereal and some other fun pics

Tuesday Zachary had his 4 month check up. Quintin also had his 3 year check up. Zachary is almost off the charts for height and 70% for weight... weighing in at 15 # 6 oz. Obviously we had a lot to discuss with all Zachary's issues. We talked about the possibility of taking him off the liquid gold formula and maybe even using up some of the breast milk stored in the freezer. We mutually agreed to wait until 6 months. We also talked about the aspirating. We can't make any changes until Zachary's video swallow study in a few weeks. They put Z under an x-ray and watch while he eats... hopefully the food won't be pouring into his lungs and we can stop using the thickening agent! Cross your fingers! Here is Zachary Tuesday night trying cereal for the first time... he is definitely not so sure about it!

Q was SOOO excited when he woke up Monday morning and his AWESOME Batman bike from Great Papa and Grandma Betty was put together. He was so funny in his costume riding his bike. As for Q's appointment, he did well. We talked about the sensory issues as well as his picky eating. Other then that it was pretty uneventful. Some how our skinny minny is in the 80% for height and weight!
On Monday I taught my first college class. I am teaching an Education class at McHenry County College this summer. My mom and sister are going to take turns watching the boys through the summer. As usual, I come home to the most adorable pics on my camera. Stacey and I did plan the matching outfits. They were from Grandma and Papa:-)

How stinkin adorable is my mom?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Quintin Randall!!!!!!!

Our day started at 5:50 when Q came running into our room ready to start the birthday celebration. It was more like Christmas at our house this morning:-)
How old are you Q?????

Check out this cool rocket ship... guess what Randy was doing last night??? Some assembly required:-)
Last month Grandma (Young) gave me the coolest birthday count down. She made it for me:-) Every morning when I would get up, I would move the magnet one day closer.... today I got to put it on the cake...YIPPEE... finally my birthday!!!

Thanks so much to Grandma (Witt) for making me the coolest Batman cake EVER!!! It tasted just as great as it looked!!!!!!!
Zachary is a lucky little boy...check out all the snuggles he got tonight......

Grandma (Young) made me this awesome Batman cape. She wanted to make sure that everyone knew it was my special day!! Thanks Grandma... I LOVE IT!
3 Amigos!

He shoots, he scores!

More snuggles for Zachary

Even Zachary enjoyed the fun of Chuck E Cheese!
Taking a break from the games to smile
Chuck E Cheese and the birthday boy The boys with Chuck E
Happy Family!!!!!!!!!
Make a wish
More love for Zachary
Funny thing is... not one of them was actually playing:-)
And again... even more snuggles for Z... did I mention what a lucky boy he is???
Grandma & Great Grandma Jo helping Q cut everyone a slice of heaven
So stinkin cute!
Daddy did such a great job helping Q open his presents!
Uh Will.... you are missing a tooth:-)
My lovie bug

Thanks Great Papa and Grandma Betty for my AWESOME Batman bike! I can't wait to take it for a spin! Love you both!!!!