Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hanging with friends

As you already know... I am SO behind on my blog.  I have LOTS of posts to do!  Here are a bunch of pics from all the fun things we have done with friends recently.

Hanging with Grant!  Such cuties:-)
Q had a few playdates over Thanksgiving break.  Of course the boys like to dress up and play super heros.
Q & Jacob
Q and his other friend Jacob

 Zachy tries to keep up
Annual Christmas with the Jurczyk Family.

All 8 of us piled in the new Jurczyk minivan and headed to the Vernon Hills light show.  This was def the longest we have ever waited.  The kids were getting squirmy but it was worth the wait. 
 V and I were packed in the back with all the kids
We spent last Sunday with the Kracht Family.  We headed to the train show at Botantical Gardens

My whole world!
 Silly boys
Watching the trains speed by


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