Sunday, October 31, 2010

Festive Weekend

Zachary was chillin while we cleaned up leaves on Saturday.
Q had a blast playing in all the piles, as you are about to see in lots more pics.
I am surprised Zachary ate lunch after all the leaves he ate:-)

Patty thinks she is so funny.... look what she did to the boys:-)

Na na na na na na na BATMAN.......
Check out our Dynamic Duo
We did a quick trip to Grandma & Papa's to trick or treat.

Boy Wonder
Of course Grandma had special treats for the kids!

Q was so excited to go trick or treating with our neighbor, and his buddy, Logan.

Are you wondering what Zachary did?????? You're lookin at it!
The boys had SOOO much fun collecting LOTS of candy!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Activities

Let the Halloween celebrations begin.....
On Sunday we did a short pumpkin picking afternoon. Q had a hard time picking just the right pumpkin for himself and his baby brother.
Getting SOOOO big, SOOOO fast!
When Zachary went to bed Sunday night, we had our daily date. Sunday was a special date, we carved pumpkins! Q was not a fan of the feeling inside the pumpkin.
On the other hand, he was a fan of the finished product!
Wednesday was an exciting day. Q had his preschool Halloween party.
He even requested that Zachary attend as well, and wear his costume:-)
Attempt at a class pic. Would you believe this is the best of about 15:-)
Ahhhh, spider hat!
I stayed for the party and had a wonderful time with Quintin!
Halloween Bingo
Pumpkin bowling
Check out the cool vampire teeth he won as a prize

Fall song

I absolutely love hearing Q sing all the new songs he learns at school! He randomly busts out in song and it cracks me up!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Final Disney Post

This will be my final Disney post. It is going to be full of LOTS of pics... and totally random.

Here are the 4 kiddos waiting at Grandma & Papa's for our ride to the airport.

Our ride is here! Even tho it was HUGE we filled it to the rim! It was a little snug but worth it to get to ride together:-)
Our beautiful Disney home

The back overlooked a golf course

The 2 insanely generous people that made it all happen....THANK YOU!!!!

"Papa, is it noon yet?"
My boys

It doesn't matter where we are, Q almost always manages to earn himself a time out

Q stripped naked pool side... Randy didn't think it was quite as funny as I did:-)

Big Smiles
Props to Auntie Stacey for thinking ahead. She hit the dollar store and bought the kids glow sticks. This saved us about $100!
I worked hard to carry Q's diet over into our trip. This means no dairy, BUT how can you take a kid to Disney and not let him eat a Mickey ice cream bar?!?!?!?!

Ah, life is good

3..... 2..... 1..... JUMP

Papa was such a good sport. He was getting his hair washed by the 3 kiddos... can you see him under that water fall?

Who thought this was a good idea:-)

Is that the paparazzi???? Nope, it's Stac with the camera:-) Thanks Stac for capturing every memory of our trip!!!! XOXO

We need to work on Q's smile! Mom on the other hand looks so beautiful in this pic that I had to post it!


The Nemo ride at Epcot

Disney had so many adorable Mickey pumpkin decorations.

Q was so sick this day:-(

An attempt at a family pic the last day....