Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zachary's visit to Lutheran General

Randy and I feel like we may finally be moving in the right direction! Today we took Zachary to Lutheran General for a swallow study. They put him in a special seat and watched him on the x-ray while he ate. Within a minute they could see the food spilling into his lungs. They stopped the test, thickened the bottle and continued to watch him on the x-ray. The thickening of the bottle seemed to help immediately. We have an appointment on Thursday for a full feeding evaluation. It was breaking our heart to watch him scream in pain while we fed him. It is such a sense of relief to know we can help fix part of the problem. We realize this is not the magic fix but it is a step in the right direction. I will make sure to post another update after our appointment on Thursday. Thanks for all the positive thoughts!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well, life continues to be crazy at the Witt house. Zachary is a VERY fussy, gassy little boy. We are in the process of taking a break from breast milk, and doing a formula trial. This would climate or address any concerns of a dairy allergy. So far we see no improvement. Today we took Zachary to see the same GI specialist that we saw with Q just 2 1/2 years ago. She ordered a swallow study test. I already called and scheduled the appointment for Tuesday. If it all checks out good, we have a feeding study on Thursday EARLY morning. By this point we will be done with the formula trial as well. The only way to figure out what is going on with our little man is to keep trying things. It takes patience which is exhausting. When you look at your screaming son and wonder what is causing him so much pain and discomfort, being patient is difficult! In the mean time, Randy and I had a special date to the tattoo place. We both added a touch of Zachary to our tattoos. Randy added his name to his wrist, and I added a Z to my foot. (ignore the redness, it is marker)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday night we had some much needed adult time... ok and the kids were there too:-)

Quintin giving Auntie Kaley's baby a kiss. She is just such an adorable mommy to be!!!

Uncle Ben hanging with Quintin & Baby Weber

Baby Weber was very interested in Quintin. Q thought it was so cool that Weber would giggle at his stories.

If only he were always this peaceful!

Mama and her boys going for a walk at Grandma's

Grandma and her boys. To be honest, she did most of the pushing:-) That stroller is heavy, especially with 2 boys in tow.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life is CRAZY here! Zachary is slowly becoming a fussy bussy gassy boy:-( We are doing our best to find ways to get a few hours of sleep. Zachary started reflux meds last week, and we are in the process of trying a few other things as well. We are hopeful that we will get to the root of what is making poor Zachary so gassy and uncomfortable!
Brotherly love

A little fresh air is good for everyone!

Practicing for summer t-ball
Learning the proper way to hold a bat
" Is this right dad???"
If only he would sleep at night... even if it is in his bouncy chair!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quintin was so excited to help feed Zachary a bottle. It was his first time and he did great! What a wonderful big brother!!!

On Wednesday Quintin and Randy went to Monkey Joes with Uncle Adam and TT. Then they came over to our house for dinner. It has been amazing watching the 2 of them grow up together. Hard to believe Zachary will be exactly 3 months older than Baby Jurczyk.... just like Q is 3 months older than TT. I see 2 more besties:-)
Here they are chilling and watching a movie.
Playing so nice......good thing it is a still pic and not a video:-)

Auntie Nessa and Uncle Adam got Q the coolest Spiderman shave kit. He was in heaven, now if he could only teach his daddy how to use one of these:-)
On Saturday Aunt Shari, Uncle Jim & Coco came for a visit. The boys loved the attention. Quintin even read his Toy Story book for them. Coco was in baby heaven with Zachary.
Uncle Jim and his great nephew
Coco, what does the shirt say?????

Will you be my God Mother????

A few more from the photo shoot....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Zachary is 2 weeks old

Yesterday we took Zachary for his 2 week checkup. There is no concern about whether or not he is thriving. He is now weighing in at 9 lbs 4 oz, putting him in the 80%. His height puts him in the 100%. He is at the beginning of a nasty case of baby acne. We were hoping it was almost done, but Dr. Collins said another 6 weeks. Our biggest issue continues to be Zachary's refusal to sleep on his back! Randy and I are not getting ANY sleep because of this! We were honest and shared with Dr. Collins that we let him sleep in his car seat. She said that is the worst thing we can do, especially developmentally. She indicated this could cause torticollis... we have been down that road with Q and don't want to again. We vowed to win this power struggle. We didn't make it one night. At 2:30 in the morning when we were both awake STILL, and desperately needed just a few hours, we caved and put him in the car seat. He went right to sleep for almost 3 hours. If anyone has any suggestions, or tips, we are so in need! Quintin is handling the adjustment like any 2 year old (with sensory issues.) Because Randy has been home it has been easier to give each of the boys one on one time but that is all about to change on Monday. I seriously have no clue how to get Q to bed with Zachary crying in my arms. Again, suggestions appreciated:-)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Zachary's 1st Photo Shoot

Last week we had professional pictures taken of Zachary. She did some with Randy and I, as well as with Quintin. Because I am using my 4 favorites on the announcement, I decided not to post those pics on the blog. Here are a few of my other favorites.
As for how life is going, well it is going:-) Randy and I are extremely tired. Zachary is a great little boy.... EXCEPT at night. He just refuses to sleep in his bassinet. This leaves Randy and I with only one option... to hold him. Of course this makes sleeping almost impossible for us. We are doing the best we can to take shifts so we are both able to get a few hours. Hopefully we will sort through this issue soon! Randy is home for another week and then I am on my own.... TOTALLY FREAKING OUT at the thought of this. Haven't quite figured out how to take care of my ball of energy 2 year old, and my cuddle bug 2 week old. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 1, 2010

If only......


Zachary and his grandparents

Enjoying some snuggle time with Grandma & Papa
Papa meets Zachary

Special time with Grandma
Grandpa meets Zachary

Zachary meets the family

Zachary has been so lucky! He has been loved and kissed by all his cousins!
Here are a few pictures from our night at the Witts...
Zachary & Cousin Taylor
Kisses from James
All the cousins on the Witt side
Smiles with Will
Grandma Jo has a way with babies.... we all love to listen to her sing.
Ashley and Zachary
AJ and Q sporting big smiles

Quintin loving his new spiderman hat from Aunt Shari

Zachary and the Willis family
Playing our Leapsters
All the cousins on the Young side

Colin and Zachary meeting for the first time

Proud cousin Kaitlyn