Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A few more pics

OK, I realize this is 3 posts in one day, but I just got my computer back and have lots of pictures to share:-)

What a stud!!!

Quintin loves to sit at his table from Grandma & Grandpa Witt.

Baby Jack Zitko

Randy and I were so excited to meet Baby Jack. He is just adorable! Johnny and Bri are doing great, and Bri looks fabulous! While I was enjoying some time with Jack, Quintin was trying to ride Addison. Good thing she is a great dog, because most dogs would not have put up with him:-)

Christmas Day

Here are a few pics from Christmas Day!

Think Q was excited to see Elmo:-)

Playing with his tools from Grandma & Papa Young

Cooking in his kitchen from Mama & Dada

Grandma love!!!!

Grandpa love!

Opening gifts with Dada.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chistmas Eve

Merry Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve with the Young side of the family. It is amazing how different Christmas is with all the kiddos around. Here are a few pics from our celebration. We are spending Christmas day with the Witt side, so I will be adding Christmas pictures soon. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas!!!!

Wearing our matching PJ's from Grandma.

My two favorite boys!

So cute how much they love each other!

Quintin loves his computer from the Willis family!

What a beautiful Christmas morning!

Randy is going to kill me for this one... but I couldn't resist.

Just like mama.... checking e-mail.

Why buy the toys, when all they want is the box.

Looks like Q wants a pair of Ugg boots!

Look what Grandma bought:-)

Ho Ho Ho

Quintin was listening to his head phones and watching train videos with Papa on the computer. My little wiggle worm sat still for almost a half hour:-) Glad Papa had some special time with Q on Christmas.

It was late, and Q was ready to go home. He wanted to be well rested for Santa.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A few new pics

Here are a few new pics from the past few days. On Thursday Auntie Stacey babysat Q for a few hours. We appreciate all her help, although after looking at this pic you can see why I may wonder what happens while we are gone:-)

We couldn't resist the photo opportunity:-) What's in that cup buddy????

Today was our third Santa visit of the season, and it was his best yet. It was the PD party of the kids. It took him a while to warm up, but because he could go on his own time, I think that helped.

He was OK if Santa was about 10 feet away.

Getting brave:-)

Now this is some real progress.... or maybe it was the Elmo guitar!

Finally, a little clip with Santa...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Disney Land Video

This video is from Disney Land this summer. I couldn't help but post it now. Such a character:-)

Lunch with Dada

We had Q's 18 month appointment yesterday. He is such a peanut, weighing in only the 30%. He has been much better this week.... THANK GOD! We have decided that we need to focus on getting Quintin to eat, before we attempt to restrict his diet to the gluten free. Mama was out enjoying some time alone this morning, and putting a dent into the Christmas shopping list. Dada is much fun to have lunch with:-)

Eating yogurt with a spoon all by myself:-)

This is fun!

See where this is going??????

I LOVE lunch with Dada:-)

Is he really going to let me do this???


Sunday, December 14, 2008

It has been a rough week or so around here. Quintin has not been himself. We have had to modify therapy, cut it short, and even cancel. We are not sure why he is more agitated than normal but it is exhausting. We decided that even though he has been a pistol we still wanted to attempt to take his 18 month pictures/Christmas pictures. Fortunately it went pretty well:-) At this point we are researching the possibility of a food allergy. On Friday his therapist sat and obvserved him for an hour. She did not work with him b/c he was so upset. Randy and I are talking about doing a 3 week trial of the gluten free diet. This is going to be very difficult because of how limited Quintin's diet is, but at this point we are willing to try anything!!!!! Here are a few of the pics from last week.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Truck Book

Quintin has not been feeling real well. He doesn't have an ear infection, and all of his molars and I teeth are done coming in. I guess he is just under the weather. We had to cut therapy short on Monday, and cancel yesterday. Here is a picture of Q with Dada enjoying his new favorite truck book from Auntie Denise.

Monday, December 8, 2008

First Post

This is my first official post. I finally decided to create a blog.... blah blah! I thought I would start by sharing a few pics from our weekend. It was a holiday weekend. We went to Aunt Jodi's school Saturday morning to have pancakes with Santa. Quintin was happy to see Santa from a distance, sitting on his lap was another story. Then Saturday night I had my 15th annual girls Christmas party. It is always so great to see my girls! Yesterday we took Q to see Santa again and YIKES, what a mistake! He screamed and refused to sit with Santa. What he did enjoy was riding up and down the escalator:-) After that experience we drove through the Festival of Lights. Quintin LOVED it!!! He spent 20 minutes saying "ho, ho,ho" and "WOW." The amazement on his face was so stinkin cute. I hope to take him one more time this season.