Monday, October 17, 2011

Playing... oh yeah and WALKING AGAIN!

We LOVE playing with our friends. Last week Grant came to play.

While the boys were playing in the playroom, I ran downstairs for a minute. When I came back up Kaley told me Q walked across almost the entire playroom...WHAT?!?!?! Ever since that moment, he is a walking machine. The orthopedic said could be as long as a month, so we were surprised when he was walking at 10 days!

Could you just eat these 2 up?!?!?!?

The boys were very busy

Showing off his robot

Good times!

Apple picking 2011

Last weekend we went for our annual Apple Picking Event.

The kiddos had such a great time!

We also picked pumpkins. Q could only get it if he could carry it. It was hilarious:-)

Getting heavy

Refusing to give up

Z picked out a pumpkin too

Silly cousins

We have a HUGE bag of yummy apples and lots of good memories.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free at last!

Celebrating the last morning trapped in this smelly, nasty Spica cast!

Waiting for the doctor

You would think with a smile like that that he understood what was about to happen.
Randy practicing his CrossFit moves

To help drown out the noise of the saw, Zachy sported Randy's ear covers. The nurse thought it was a great idea and said Zachy did better then ANY kiddo she has ever removed a cast from.

Getting ready for the beginning of freedom...

Zachy was a rock star while they cut the cast off! Once he was free he got pretty upset. He is VERY stiff and weak.

BUT nothing a fruit snack couldn't fix.

Next stop.... TUBBY..... thank goodness! After 36 days my baby is clean again:-) He couldn't sit up on his own so fortunately we still had his baby sling handy.

It could be up to a month or so before he is walking again. We are so happy to be about to cuddle with him again! It was a long 5 weeks but it is now just a picture in his baby book (or baby blog!)

Our little scholar!

Quintin is loving 4 year old preschool. He works so hard on his homework. Daddy was helping Q work on the letter B.

Don't mind the jelly on his face... it was also lunch time
I think this is A+ work!

He is even perfecting writing his name.

Great job Quintin!