Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter (1/2)

We don't have fond memories from Easter last year due to Zachary's insane colic! It makes it that much more exciting to share all the pictures from the wonderful Easter we had this year!!!!

After a quick Easter morning at home, we headed to Jodi's for our annual breakfast. She has does such a nice job, and Grandpa continues to outdo himself with the egg hunt!!!

Q was ready to find all his eggs!

An attempt at a picture of the boys....

Zachary is so into bikes lately! Wish the Easter bunny knew this a few weeks ago!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter (2/2)

After a good nap, we headed to Grandma & Papa's to continue the Easter celebration

This is out of order, but here is Zachy with at the end of the egg hung

Again, these are out of order... here we are outside enjoying the weather

Uncle & Auntie Lauren have started the most adorable egg hunt tradition. Each kiddo had a different color egg. They were filled with candy and clues leading them to the next egg. They did such an adorable job! THANK YOU!

Q did a great job searching for all his green eggs

Zachary LOVES his Elmo video

And Q was equally excited about his Batman video

The twins got new bikes from the Easter bunny which means Q scored a new hand me down:-)

Zachary was content just chillin and watching the kids

<3 this pic!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kicking off the Easter festivities!

What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning over Easter weekend then an egg hunt? Thank you so much to the Harvey's for hosting this adorable morning!!!

Grandma & Papa were invited too!

Aunt Carmie is visiting for the weekend so she also joined us at the egg hunt.
The joys of trying to get a group shot:-)

Q was so excited to fill his basket!

Zachary on the other hand didn't see the urgency!

My best attempt at a brother pic

Q is having some issues lately giving the camera a nice smile. So when all else fails, go with the SILLY FACE!

Q was excited to tell the Easter bunny how badly he wants a Nerf. Notice Zachary is not in the picture... he was not so sure!

A few pics with Papa.....

Remember Q's smile I mentioned earlier..... see what I mean?!?!?!

Speaking of smile issues.... Z isn't exactly flashing his pearly whites for the camera either

hmmmm... check out Q's goofy smile, and Zachary's lack of.... :-)

OMG.... did we capture Zachy smiling?!?!?

What a great morning! Thanks again Harvey family!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting ready for Easter

Over the weekend we celebrate our annual egg coloring tradition with the Jurczyk family. It is always so much fun to spend time together!

Showing off their matching tattoos... ok, maybe not matching:-)

We even had a nice enough day that we were able to take the kids outside for a bit.

So cute to watch the little ones starting to play together just like their big bro & sis

And then it was egg time....

The dads decided to manage this activity and I have to say they did GREAT!

Of course these two could have cared less about anything as long as they had food:-)

Check out this playroom!!!!

Check out the kids new playroom at my parents! The kids are loving it! The lady who painted it is truly amazing!

Kaitlyns name is on the tree, and the boys name is on the club house.

I'll bet you can guess which frame represents which kiddo! All four of these frames are now filled with the kids artwork. Although my mom didn't do the actual painting... she is the mastermind behind all this cuteness!!!

FINE BY ME!!!! :-)