Friday, November 27, 2009

Kicking off the Holiday Season!

What a great kick off to the holiday season!
We started our Thanksgiving at Grandma & Grandpa's house.
Three generations....
I love my Auntie Jodi!!!

I had so much fun playing with Will & James. So much fun that the last thing I wanted to do was stop and pose for a picture!
Hugs for James

The second half of our Thanksgiving celebration was at Aunt Shari and Uncle Jim's house.
Uncle Jim was playing WII with me. He kept tightening the strap on my remote in fear that I may let go of it right into his TV:-)
Batter up

Do I have the cutest cousins or what?!?!?!? Love you Coco & Dede!
Snuggling with Uncle Jim and watching Charlie Brown
After a great Thanksgiving yesterday I was so excited to decorate for Christmas today!!!

I was being silly and decorating myself:-)

Every year Mama and Dada hang their wedding favor ornament at the top of the tree. This year I got to do it!
Dada worked so hard on the lights outside! He did a GREAT job!

After nap, Papa came over to continue a great tradition! He helps me set up the Christmas train he got me for my 1st Christmas. We had so much fun & I look forward to this tradition for many years to come!
Papa said I was such a good helper!

Choo Choo

Love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Papa!!!
A great day ended with a great night. Mama and Dada took me to the parade of lights in Crystal Lake. It was past my bedtime and a little chilly, but overall I was a good boy and had a great time!
Check out the Polar Express...

Monday, November 23, 2009

First Dentist Appt!

Today I went to see Uncle Jim for my first dentist appointment!
Mommy and Daddy were soooo proud of me for being such a big boy! Uncle Jim counted my teeth, and even polished them.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On Monday we went to Tree House. It is an indoor play center in Lake Zurich. It was our first visit, but won't be our last!
I was a little unsure about it, so Mama went down with me...
Getting ready to go down with Trinity
Thanks Kasey for helping me go down!

That night Mama and Dada decided that it was time to let me try wearing undies. I have been doing so wonderful in my pull up, they thought I deserved a try. It was only for a short while, but I did great!!!
Check out who is one them..... SPIDERMAN!!!!!

I don't totally understand why Mama's belly is getting so big, but she said it is because there is a baby in there. She is 25 weeks already. I can't believe my brother will be here in 15 weeks!!!!!!!!!! We are all so excited for him to join our family.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kaitlyn & Colin's 4th Birthday Party

On Sunday we went to Kaitlyn & Colin's birthday party. It was so much fun. We had time to play in the pool and then headed to the play area for cake and good times. Enjoy the pics:-)
Daddy was my swimming buddy. I gave him a run for his money b/c as usual I was on the go!

Mama said there was NO WAY she was wearing a bathing suit!!!
Daddy went down the big slide!

Playing Legos with Papa

Time for some yummy cake

The birthday girl getting her face painted. Isn't she just so beautiful!!!! She has another surgery on Thursday. She is sooo brave!!!

Picking out my tattoo

Oops, was I supposed to smile?

Playing "dunk it" with the big boys! (yes, there was a basketball court in the play room!)

Daddy had to leave to go out of town right from the party so Mama said we could go to Kaitlyn & Colin's house to watch them open presents.

What's this Auntie Stacey?

Muah, I LOVE you Auntie Stacey!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I had a fun playdate this week with mommies college roomies and their kiddos! We did not want to corporate and all smile at the same time! Mama said at least we are all looking at the camera in this pic. Clearly she wasn't listening to what I was trying to say!

Tyler and I were riding the fire truck together. About 5 minutes after this picture, we were running around playing soccer like true toddler boys!

Can't wait to play again soon!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Clean Up

What a beautiful weekend! I loved spending time outside working with Daddy!
It took me a few minutes to warm up to the idea of jumping right in!

Enough playing, time to get to work!

How am I doing?
Let me help you Dada
Ready, Set.......